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He is depicted as a hybrid of both Batman and Batman's arch enemy Joker and is a member of the Dark Knights. The Batman Who Laughs is a fictional supervillain in DC Comics. The 48-page Dark Nights: Death Metal Rise of the New God #1 one-shot is written by James Tynion IV and Bryan Hill with artwork by Jesus Merino and Nik Virell and options Batman Who Laughs vs Perpetua. He's already seemingly enveloped the Earth and made it in his own image. Always. I haven't read any new stuff surrounding "Batman who Laughs/ Perpetua" but I viewed BWL from the beginning as Ghost Rider(johnny blaze). The Batman Who Laughs encountered the real Batman at Blackgate Penitentiary and, though they fought, Laughs, while in disguise, tricked the guards into attacking the heroic Batman and escaped. The Batman Who Laughs represented Batman's fear of becoming just as bad as the Joker, how much he is defined by the never-ending war with the Clown Prince of Crime, and his regret that he can't stop the Joker for good without ending his life. The Batman Who Laughs watched as his Dark Knights tortured the Justice League across the world, but his joy was interrupted by Cyborg, who rescued the League members. Laughs gave Jokerized-Shazam a Batarang and instructed him to find and use it on Superman, while the Grim Knight infected the last initiate - Commissioner Gordon. The Batman Who Laughs is an alternate skin for Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11 in the Kombat Pack. Perpetua of course senses the new power of the Batman who Laughs, so warns him: right now, her power is shielding him and all their realm from the Hands, beings like Perpetua who, if alerted of what they are doing, would come and judge their creation harshly. Screaming in vain, the Darkest Knight is thrown into the Sun and killed once and for all.[16]. Death Metal: SPOILER Betrays The Batman Who Laughs. Diana does imagine it, an Earth and she and everyone she cares about is together, happy, and above all safe. During the fight against Batman Who Laughs, the Batman who has the power of Dr. Manhattan as well as Crisis energy who defeated Perpetua, Wonder … But then, in issue #1 of Death Metal , Wonder Woman killed him using a chainsaw forged from her Lasso of Truth and her invisible jet. While Batman and Superman have been fighting the Batman Who Laughs over in Batman/Superman in order to save everything they hold dear, they may need to work together with the enemy who has corrupted several major DC heroes. Batman was later drugged by Joker, temporarily paralyzing his body but not his mind, so he could witness the chaos he caused without being able to do anything about it. [6], As his world began to fade from existence, Barbatos arrived and revealed the rest of the Dark Multiverse to him and his plans to go after the true Multiverse as well. While DC's heroes and villains seem to remember the events of Death Metal, reality is restored to how it was before Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs attempted to rewrite existence. The Batman Who Laughs offers Diana the chance to save her multiverse from the Hands who have come to undo the multiverse they created after the death of Perpetua, and all she has to do is join him. Meanwhile, The Batman Who Laughs holds dominion over the chaos left in her destructive wake by building worlds in his image. Bruce managed to break Alfred to become his loyal servant again. In addition to the above variant cover the issue has a few more. Mxyzptlk vs Batman The One Who Laughs ... (or at-least knew she was more powerful) of Perpetua, BWL beat Perpetua. Confronting her with how he can keep the others of Perpetua's people from erasing the Universe, he requests that he join her or else she and many of the heroes will die. Labs branch in Metropolis had agreed to take care of all the kids who had been infected by the Joker Venom. ", This character is or was primarily an enemy of the Justice League, in any of its various incarnations. During the conflict, the Batman Who Laughs' son Damian was killed, but Bruce was apathetically unmoved. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Wonder Woman Villains category.". Bruce later convinced his son Damian to join his side and transformed the boy with Joker Venom to be like him. The Batman Who Laughs bowed, saying that she should choose him over Lex to be her second in charge. The Batman Who Laughs is begging her to save everyone as she pushes him into the flames of the Death Sun, telling her to imagine what it could be. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. This is … By Matthew Aguilar However, everything went sideways when the Joker decided to go all out in his attempt to destroy Gotham. The Batman Who Laughs convinced Perpetua that he would make a better right-hand man than Lex. Earth is turned upside down, shrouded in a realm of darkness after the Justice League's defeat by the cosmic goddess Perpetua. The Dark Night recruited again the Joker Dragons and the Dark Knights from all over the Dark Multiverse to create build an army who conquered and destroyed the reality, creating the so-called Metalverse. Anointing him The Robin King, the Batman Who Laughs enlists him to assist in keeping Diana from renewing the Multiverse while he regains his strength. The DCU’s darkest secrets are explored while Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs clash! Towards the end of the issue, fans got an indication of exactly what that would entail. DC's newest, loudest event Dark Nights: Death Metal was billed as a final showdown between the Justice League and the Batman Who Laughs, the tremendously popular Batman/Joker hybrid who ended the Year of the Villain event by becoming king of the world. They sicced their army of Talons on the evil Batman, but, thinking ahead, Laughs had severed all the undead assassins' arms off ahead of time, leaving the Court defenseless for his counterattack. Willing to sacrifice his own humanity for the greater good, Batman wields an evil Black Lantern power ring, which grants him the power to resurrect the dead. Wonder Woman pushes beyond that realization and uses the energy supplied by the bravery of her friends and heroes who are sacrificing themselves to fight for hope to pummel The Batman Who Laughs, punching him so hard at one point that she sends him forward in time all the way to then end of everything. The villains to receive the cards were the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Firefly, Bane, Mister Freeze and Mad Hatter, who were then each given a section of the Gotham to manipulate and rule over to protect the newly formed Challengers Mountain sitting in the middle of the city. Batman. However, the Batman Who Laughs had a contingency plan in case he was killed; having encountered a Bruce Wayne who had come into contact with the Comedian's Button and built an intrinsic field generator to study it, the Batman Who Laughs decided to use him as part of his plan. You can find the official description for Death Metal #7 below. If the Dark Multiverse has a full Justice League on its side, it could provide the power needed to finally take down Perpetua before she can remake all of … Willing to sacrifice his own humanity for the greater good, Batman wields an evil Black Lantern power ring, which grants him the power to resurrect the dead. Believing him to be the ideal Bat to help him, Barbatos made Bruce the spearhead for his plans to drag all of creation into darkness.[2]. "[14], The Knight travels to Perpetua and, informing her that it was him all along behind the plot, reveals his intent to kill her. Thankfully, the Amazon Princess defeats the villain and the Earth and the Multiverse are both restored. As such, Bruce's transformation into "The Batman Who Laughs" was finished. Batman eventually regained movement and, so traumatized and angry over what he had witnessed, grabbed the Joker and broke his neck. “Batman. Crapsack World: While the time it has lasted isn't clear, the world created by Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs is a barren wasteland inhabited by corrupted versions of villains, constantly patrolled by different Batmen while Perpetua destroys the Multiverse one universe at a time. Taken from their Earths moments before their destruction, The Drowned, The Dawnbreaker, The Merciless, The Devastator, The Murder Machine and The Red Death first appeared when the Court Of Owls ambushed Batman, Superman, Wonde… The story of the Batman of Earth -22 was not much different from that of any other version of the Caped Crusader. As well as the main cover. The Batman Who Laughs was tasked by Barbatos to assemble ‘warriors of the darkness’, or evil and twisted versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who were willing to fight to keep their worlds alive. She doesn't have the power to create multiverses with Anti-Crisis energy, but he can create using Crisis energy, and she knows the Hands will undo everything if she doesn't join him. There's nothing but death and destruction. It would seem that The Batman Who Laughs has finally met his end, though there is a suggestion that a threat is lurking, which is why the Hands recruit Wonder Woman to ascend and help them protect this new multiverse. After depowering an insolent Lex for his arrogance and sending him and Mercy Graves back to Earth-0 the Mother of the Multiverse peers inside The Batman Who Laughs' mind, both laughing for what was to come.[12]. ... while One Who Laughs is … What did you think of the issue? The Clown Prince of Crime killed Batman's entire rogue's gallery, murdered Jim Gor… There awaits the Death Sun, into which all Earths, all stories, and all matter have been absorbed. Thanks to the intervention of Alfred and a young Bruce Wayne from another universe, Prime Earth Batman was saved, and the Batman Who Laughs was subdued and beaten within an inch of his life by Batman with his own mother's tombstone. Who knows, but at least for now, it would seem he is off the table. However, his plan was interrupted by the Justice League and their allies from throughout the Multiverse. He was a lieutenant of Barbatos and the leader of the Dark Knights during the first Dark Multiverse invasion and, later, the infected heroes of the Secret Six. Batman took on many sidekicks as a vigilante, including Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin, as well as a son he had sired named Damian Wayne. And they are far more brutal than Perpetua herself. Superman asked the Bat what his ultimate goal was, which he admitted was destroying all life in the multiverse. Plus, this extra-sized finale issue includes not one but two mind-blowing epilogues that lead directly into the next phase of the DC Universe-and no fan will want to miss that!". The Batman Who Laughs went out into the Dark Multiverse to assemble the most twisted versions of Batman out there to aid in conquering the main Multiverse. The Darkest Knight is on the verge of ending this concert once and for all, but Wonder Woman has more than just a greatest hit planned. Despite getting cut off from the Crisis Energy and entrapped by Perpetua, the Darkest Knight is able to break free and kill her by sealing her away within fragments of the Source Wall. Godzilla vs. Kong Reveals First Epic Footage, Xbox Surprises Xbox One and Xbox Series X Players With New Free Game, Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Reveals Details on Massive New Map, Attack On Titan Bodypaint Cosplay Unleashes The Female Titan, New Mario Kart 9 Rumor Has Nintendo Switch Players Excited, Fortnite Leak Spoils a Couple of Big Upcoming Surprises. (A behind-the-scenes look at "Metal" #6 and what might have happened after Bruce left Joker and The Batman Who Laughs alone in the cave.) During the fight, Lex Luthor stripped Laughs of his visor, knowing it was the only thing that was keeping him grounded on their Earth, but Laughs tricked Lex in turn with explosives and took back his visor. Bu seride öğrendiğimiz gibi, gözüne taktığı o tuhaf maske, farklı paralel evrenlerden enerji dalgaları görmesini mümkün kılıyor. As part of the plan, they began by going after the Joker. It doesn't quite go as planned. Unbeknownst to Batman though, the Joker exhaled a toxin contained in his heart, which infected anyone close to him if he died. There's a reason the heroes are completely changed - the world isn't the same and they've fought to stay alive. The Batman Who Laughs eventually awakens after a period of time and slowly adjusted to his new body, overhearing Batmansaurus Rex insulting him for not responding to his name; he disintegrated him and quipped there is not a name for one like him. [2] The last one to face him was his butler Alfred, who almost managed to defeat Bruce by rigging his cave, his vehicles, and all his equipment. Batman believes that the only way forward is for Earth's last surviving heroes to just pursue small victories by attempting to only salvage what little Perpetua … Batman believes that the only way forward is for Earth's last surviving heroes to just pursue small victories by attempting to only salvage what little Perpetua … Perpetua took back the power she gave Lex Luthor and sent him back to Earth-0. Having never left his cell due to an illusion cast on him, the Batman Who Laughs was left in the Hall of Justice while the real Batman and Superman tracked down all the heroes he previously infected - who had all teamed up and become the newest Secret Six. Finally he pointed out that Lex was too egotistical to realize that the supposed future that he saw where all worshipped him might have been fake. After Bruce was able to reconstitute himself, The Batman Who Laughs used an energy knife to quickly lobotomize Bruce before he gained omnipotence. To say the stakes are high in this battle is an understatement, and the anticipated throwdown more than delivers. Luthor later assembled a team of villains he gifted powers to take on Laughs' infected heroes.[12]. I'm also not a fan of the writing in death metal but the art is pretty great. And the Earth is suffering. In the lead-up to the follow-up crossover, Dark Nights: Death Metal, the Batman Who Laughs was selected by the omnipotent villain Perpetua to become her faithful vassal, traveling back the root of the DCU and rewriting it in his fiendish image while Perpetua began to conquer the entire DC Multiverse. [5], Sometime after this, he went looking for Lex Luthor of Prime Earth, infiltrating LexCorp's Multiverse Research Lab. Sağda Judge Death, solda Batman Who Laughs. The bad guys won, the good guys lost. Billions of years ago, A race known as the Super Celestials were tasked by the Judges of the Source to create new life within the Omnisverse. Earth is turned upside down, shrouded in a realm of darkness after the Justice League's defeat by the cosmic goddess Perpetua. When the Lex Luthor of his world decided to become a hero and tried to convince the League to let him join, Batman was the only one to oppose his acceptance, as he knew Luthor didn't really believe in being a hero but only was interested in himself. The heroes search for a way to defeat the Darkest Knight through the universe’s past, while Superboy Prime faces down the demonic Batman! [3] He also retrieved all the Joker-transformed children from the original attack and turned them into his new army of pet Rabid Robins.

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