brown discharge and cramps on nexplanon

It got to be so frustrating that it just made me even more upset, my doctor ended up giving me an antidepressant to stop the crying which it has. Sometimes it lightens up and I think it's going to stop, then it gets dark again. I agree I got mine in after my third son in December 2016. i got mine in on the 22nd of October, and I've been having mostly brown discharge with a little fresh blood + uterine tissue when my period was supposed to happen... after i have sex with my boyfriend i am in so much pain that i swell up down there and it burns like nothing else. Or is spotting just mainly a little bit of pink/red blood? I was period free until August 8th when I got it again. -this is all within a 5-10 minute period. Now today, I check and once again I have light brown discharge. I feel like I shouldn't be having that much old blood. I'm very sensitive to BO so I was thinking it was someone else. I have almost the same thing but I have the implant for about 4 months now and I been discharging brown nothing major but it's been going on for 2 weeks now. While used by women as a form of contraception, it is known to have unfavorable side effects on the menstrual cycle. At first constant bleeding is not unusual. I thought it was weird that I didn't bleed and then all of a sudden it was nonstop! Which I believe is what causes the tiredness. It was night and day difference and I was shocked to say the least. Omgosh please let me know what you've discovered since your comment in 2016! I have been period free up until about 3 weeks ago when I had heavy brown discharge. Implanon, Brown Discharge Brown/Red discharge using Implanon Implanon - The first month and discharge. I'm sure nobody wants to feel this way. brown discharge on implanon brown discharge on birth control I’ve got the Nexplanon birth control, implant that goes in your arm and started to bleed dark brown Brown Discharge after nexplanon brown discharge and pregnancy possibility on nexplanon. I CANNOT have another child, so we will find an alternative method! Hello! I haven't gone to the doctor just though it was the nexplanon throwing my periods out of wack just need some info or someone else input, Hello, I got the nexplanon last year around October and I never had a period I only spotted a brown stuff for a little but now, I been having a period for over a month. Oral sex is completely off the table because who wants to be mortified that way! It starts off very light then gets heavy then gets dark. "So, I've been on the Nexplanon for about a year and 3 months, now. I've also had some cramps. its also making me so dry that the skin around my genitals is FLAKING, red, sore, and itching all day. Brown spotting is a vaginal bleeding that is not your regular menstrual period. *fingers crossed*, Can anyone help pls I have a 5cm cyst on my ovary and have due to get my 3rd implant out in march 2017 and I have stated to show brown blood/discharge.what could this be does anyone know thank you, Hi I hope I get some info on this.I been on the nexplanon for 4 years we'll my periods are weird sometimes I don't have periods for two months or a mont. It varies in color from pink, brown and light red. Please anyone any advice! Weight Loss Implanon, Brown Discharge Implanon and discharge periods with implanon No periods for 6 months and then sudden bleeding (implanon) implanon birth control Implanon - The first month and discharge. It's nasty. I hate to say it but I just want to have normal periods... then I know when my crazy is coming!! This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. i have brown/ old blood or red/pinkish blood come out since then keeps going stops for a day then comes back. I did see a lady put on here tht she had it removed and her energy level went up. Then you stop having periods for a while. I lasted with my period for about two weeks with a lot of brown discharge before my actual bleeding then the day after my period was gone I'm getting a super nasty smelly discharge. I waited 2 months to start another birthcontrol, trying to wait to regain a normal cycle. Intense Abdominal Pain 7. Now I've been having a very light period for 2 weeks. Next day, again it stopped. Dr. Ralph Boling answered 39 … It's basically like a period. i don't know what i really should do? Available for Android and iOS devices. But it last a whole month I'm not sure if it normal or not. Why do I have random brown discharge after nexplanon implant? I am unsure if the two problems are related or not but can anyone give me any advice related to this please? I got the nexplanon on Jan 30 but I'm getting it removed asap! … I bled my 6 days. Help? Implanon Causing Brown Discharge?? On nexplanon brown discharge taken clindamycin for cold concerned ... Stomach cramps after nexplanon fitted Got the nexplanon implant had brown discharge chances of pregnancy After nexplanon removal Fertility after nexplanon × You are already signed-up with us. It change my mood, i am always mad because everything annoys me, im depressed alot, im bloated all the time and im not sexual active. Is brown blood normal? They will tell you what is normal and what is dangerous. I'm angry a lot to the point it scares me but worse than that I had sever postpartum depression after I had her. I don't know what's wrong but it has my boyfriend spazzing out telling me to go to the doctor. The most common birth control implant side effect is spotting (light bleeding or brown discharge), especially in the first 6-12 months. Weight Gain 10. I’m miserable. Then back to happy because being upset isn't gouge to fix anything. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Then non stop PERIOD period for FIVE months to the very week. Nexplanon - Has anyone else gotten the brown/black discharge? If anyone knows why it happens it would be really helpful thank you. I have noticed that I am super tired, borderline depressed, lack of energy, some weight gain and mood swings are so unpredictable! Did it ever stop? I'd rather just have my tubes tied! I'm am getting mine removed because of that. Going on tree months next month, I'm annoyed too! I haven't had my period since about a month before I got the Nexplanon. can i help it? In April I had a 12 day cycle,and now in may I'm currently on 14 days and counting. Is this even normal??? I have been an emotional wreck since then. I have been on it almost 5 years. I am experiencing the same thing right now. I freaked out! I might have to try something else. Please respond with solutions besides doctor's visits because mine doesn't know what to do. I've never felt this bad in my life. I was on day 4 of my period. If … ... Brownish discharge cramping due to delay in implanon removal The smell is vaginitis which needs to be treated. To this day, I STILL have this brown discharge!!! please help. I have been 120 days "late" with no blood of any kind. After having implanons for 6 years now its strange that all of a sudden this has happened can someone please tell me why and whether i should be concerned. You will constantly have thick brown drainage (what they consider sporting between periods) for the full three years. I had a period or two in the beginning then nothing at all until the first week of July when I had some brown discharge. Is this because of the implant?? I had implanon for 6 years then I have nexplanon. Now today, I check and once again I have light brown discharge. Does anyone know what's going on? Hello Danielle and welcome, I am Dr Nilajkumar a consultant gynecologist and I will be helping you in your queries. You do not need any other protection method as nexplanon is sufficient. I had asked my dr and she said the brown is old blood tht is not exiting the body because the implant is stopping ur period holding on to it. Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. I haven't seen anything about bleeding brown blood for a month or even longer really at a time. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, Nexplanon Information for Healthcare Professionals. Although it's only been one day with this nasty smell and less than a month this has been the worts experience! Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 6 Jan 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 4 Jan 2021), ASHP (updated 6 Jan 2021) and others. I got my Nexplanon inserted on July 22nd on the last day of my period. It did subside and then like with the other implants my period stops altogether. I told my doctor all of this and i was told to "take some ibuprofen and wait it out until your body adjusts"... What a joke. I'm surprised your ob/gyn didn't inform you or anyone's ob/gyn didn't my midwife told me everything that would happen and could happen. Nexplanon - Is non stop brown blood or discharge normal? side effects of implanon no period after implanon removal? Can anyone say it's normal. I have had the same sexual partner for 3 years. I'm making this comment to worn other on the nexplanon if you are starting to feel sad even a little get it removed because it does get worse then your anger emerges. They are really heavy clot periods and it's getting annoying, Hi I have the nexplanon on the 17 of January 2017 and i spotted on the 13 th of this month and I have had a Light period for five days now and I am not happy I have not yet stopped. At first it was just brown and now I a little bit of it is actual red blood. What does Brown Discharge Mean? No it is not dangerous and does go away with time. This is the first time in a year I've got this random brown spotting. If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression 1. Ended 5 days later. As soon as possible the brown discharge is what they called spotting between periods. I've noticed it happens after my boyfriend and I have sex. I have all of sudden 2 days ago had alot of pain and had brown blood which ive never had before. It ended and I haven't had a period since, however I have experienced dark brown discharge every day. I've noticed it happens after my boyfriend and I have sex. I am going through the exact same things to a T as all you other woman.But I talked to my doctor as well and she said that Brown discharge is not one of the long term side effects how in heck would she or any doctor even know fact on side effects when they t the ones who have to deal with it and I wanted t taken out but she convinced me to keep it in but Know now that was stupid idea to listen to her because now I'm ing thru emotional mood swings and depression anxiety an fainting spells on top of he nasty ads Brown discharge I wish would stop t has yet too. Brown discharge after one year on Nexplanon? Nexplanon is an etonogestrel implant that prevents ovulation, and in turn, prevent pregnancy. Omgosh it's taken me forever to find symptoms resembling my own! On the 19th of March, I started another period. I've been cramping for a week and now I'm bleeding which is very unusual for me. Breast Tenderness 2. I had my Nexplanon put in on August 18th. Is it normal to have brown spotting while on Nexplanon. It will last the full three year. I've had mine in for about two months. This is the first time in a year I've got this random brown spotting. It wouldn't bother me so much of the blood was pink or red. Then feeling bad that I was mad and crying because I can't control my anger and emotions. I do think we are all different and we're all gonna have different side affects with it. Question: I am a 23 year old female who has been on the Nexplanon contraceptive for 4 years (on my second implant). I had a period or two in the beginning then nothing at all until the first week of July when I had some brown discharge. If you had sex, you had a reliable form of birth control in place. Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on whether Implanon can cause or treat Discharge: Dr. Nelson on implanon brown discharge period: If you are on the pill breakthrough spotting is a common effect, especially if you are forgetful about taking the pill on time. I had almost 5 years without a period! should i be worried? Does anyone know what's going on? Although my nexplanon is expired for almost a year now, since having it put in my arm I have experienced the same dark brown blood/spotting and bleeding after during and after sex to this day. Brownish discharge cramping due to delay in implanon removal . I'm not going to take a chance of hurting my little one or anyone else. There is no harm with this, but some ladies do find it annoying. Available for Android and iOS devices. My gynecologist said for the first 2-3 months to expect spotting, but is it unusual that I didn't bleed for the first month? Brown discharge before and after period isnt something abnormal, it means that some of your blood didnt come out during your period, its coming out late. Now I'm getting crampy and brown discharge? Head Pain 5. I'm just not the same person! I could wear a tampon for a day and it would look like I dabbed it in light brown paint it's that light. Spotting (brown discharge) is an expected side effect with Nexplanon. Perfect birth control. That being said, from March 24-current (April 14th) I've been non stop experiencing more brown "blood." I did this for four months. Now I'm experiencing the same thing as you with back pain and cramps off and on, emotional all the time, bloated and nausea. Thank you guys so much for replying to my question! It lasted 5 days, very very light spotting that stayed light brown/reddish. I got the implant removed and immediately quit bleeding. The next day, it stopped. Its the worst experience I've ever had in my life. I never started bleeding and my boyfriend (certified EMT) and I decided to go ahead and start my new 3 month birthcontrol pill. Brown discharge can be caused by so many reasons such as pregnancy, miscarriage, perimenopause, birth control pill, stress, PCOS, cervical cancer e.t.c. Irregular Periods If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression 1. A week ago I had the same thing happen to me. Premium Questions. Hi ive now had my implanon for 4 months and ive had more little light periods but for the last 2 weeks i have had a dark brown discharge at times its more like a paste and at other times it has the consistency of like sticky blood but you can see clear discharge though out it. Which could happen to anyone if you start to feel sad or get bad migraine get it removed immediately. I can't be of much help but I can let you know you are not alone. I don't want to spend another $155 to get the damn thing removed when I just spent that much to get it put in! Now for the last 2 weeks I've had this dark brown mucusy discharge. I'm going to message my gyno tonight to see what he thinks I should do. I haven't had my period since about a month before I got the Nexplanon. Maybe it's just side effects? Other side effects include: depression and pain. Occasional nausea and loss of appetite. The second week of July I didn't have any discharge and then it started back up again. I am absolutely fed up!!! Sometimes it had a little bit of red to it, but mostly it was brown. An hour after I noticed that, It felt like I had peed my pants! I plan on making an appointment tomorrow to have it removed! The next day, it stopped. I've read that brown blood is "old blood" but I shouldn't have that much old blood should I? Which I believe is what causes the tiredness. Went to the ER, they said I had a yeast infection due to some antibiotics I had taken and that probably caused me to have a spotting-like period. I’m on my second round of the implant, (not sure if my first round was implanon or nexplanon) I got it inserted while I was still in the hospital after having my daughter 2/3/14. I've scheduled to had it removed. I will never get this again I would rather be peremantly fixed. And this emotional roller coaster I'm on needs to come to an end as well. I'm sure nobody wants to feel this way. Hope this helps girls. This thing is horrible for me. Light brown discharge. Feeling Weak 4. Until recently. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Twice in 3 weeks now. It has been heaven for me so far. my 3rd child was born nov 2013 was on pill until i fell pregnant again last year and miscarried so thought id try the implant as 2 of the girls in work said its fantastic theyve had no problems etc so figured id try it so had it put in sept 2015 and i have been constantly down since mainly due to the fact i rarely stop bleeding they say to give it 6-8months to settle however im seriously contemplating trying another form of contraception i keep getting black discharge (not dark brown black black!!) I checked and it was dark brown discharge! So, I've been on the Nexplanon for about a year and 3 months, now. Lacking energy to get out of bed. Will it last like THIS until its expiration date? I mean, happy one minute, mad the next. ! I never know. When my period was over, I started experiencing brown discharge or maybe blood... Not much, but enough to need to wear a thin pad. That is what makes it brown in colour and not bright red. Hopefully by the end of the month, I will have stopped bleeding. I have a gyno apt in 2 days, hopefully will get some better explained answers! brown discharge two weeks before period - … I'm angry a lot to the point it scares me but worse than that, I'm now a kind of sad I never new existed. When the gynecologist said "Spotting for the first 2-3 months," I was expecting spotting... Not nonstop bloody discharge. About a week an a half ago I noticed some brown discharge similar to what you see at the end of a period. Is this normal? Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. I have been on my period non stop heavy bleeding for 5 almost 6 freaking months every since I got it I have a appt to get it takin out on the 15th depression has been worse and anger too can’t seem to keep happy the only plus to this is I haven’t gotten pregnant, I have had my implant for over 8 months now and I still have bleeding and brown discharge so I’m to the point it won’t ever stop.. Nexplanon - Has anyone else gotten the brown/black discharge? In most cases, brown blood during your period is normal. Only for a couple of days then it stops. I've had the implant for 16 months now & for the past 4 months I've pretty much had this non-stop spotting brown stuff but as soon as I have sex it goes away for a day or 2.It's frustrating so I'm going to see my gyn & hopefully I can keep the implant cuz this is so far the best birth control that I've tried. I'm 38 I got my nexplanon about 4 mths ago I feel tired depressed n my migraines after 2 yrs came back worse then ever last two days I have funny brown like discharge come out I have discharges before but clearish I'm worried I hate it but I was on deposit for 6 yes yes I know it's only three but o got three kids all on bc pills I know have 18 yr old on that patches have a 14 n broken condom have 8 yrs old so deposit was only thing working but doc said no more I hate this thing ? it doesn’t bother me although it does spot my underwear and it’s a little annoying. I've scheduled to had it removed. I'm making this comment to worn other on the nexplanon if you are starting to feel sad even a little get it removed because it does get worse then your anger emerges. I had my son October 27th 2015 and had my nexplanon put in when he was 8 weeks old. I've had the nexplanon for 5 months now and I've never stopped bleeding it goes from heavy to spotting and I've always had brown discharge since my first baby in 2014 but for going on 2 weeks now it's been really heavy dark red blood that just flows out of me and I have alot of pressure down there like when ur baby is on position I don't believe I'm pregnant but my moods have been really bad I have recently been stressed more than usual and really bad pains in my uterus,i wanna sleep all the time and I just got a job working 10hours at night 4 days a week and I get migraines bad but idk what to do Dr says all is normal and this could last up to a year only thing to do is to remove it but she said I could have worst side effects after removing it and I really don't wanna deal with all this any more and I don't wanna get pregnant someone help me please im only 22 and I can't even play with my 7month and 2yr old for more then 30mins to an ... hour before I get irritated and really sleepy or just pain in lower abdomen! Soo sometimes I get my period for a month. I made a dr apt. Implanon and discharge periods with implanon How long does it take for implanon discharge to go away and No periods for 6 months and then sudden bleeding (implanon) loosing weight while on implanon I have been experiencing brown vaginal discharge for about a month which I know can be a common side effect of this contraceptive. As far as emotional issues and energy, within FIVE minutes of having the nexplanon removed, I felt energetic and HAPPY!

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