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351 Pacu Lane Golden Trout Creek is thought to have once formed the headwaters of the South Fork Kern River but, due to volcanic activity thousands of years ago, it was diverted west near Tunnel Meadow and now flows … Barely marked, steep, climbing boulders or loose gravel most of the hike, Hiked for 2 hours and barely made it to 1.3 miles then turned around. Hiking is permitted throughout the area. This trail goes by Onion Valley Trailhead and Lilley Pass. Water from creeks, lakes, and springs should be treated before drinking. The trip begins on a mostly sandy trail leading you North into the Golden trout Wilderness. On the Golden Trout Lake Trail, there is a creek to follow, and a big waterfall along the way. Once you get to the beginning of the trail, the hike is a nice little workout until you reach the final location of Distribution and Habitat. Wilderness permits are required for overnight visits. Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California. The Golden Trout Trail continues down, passing Upper Golden Trout Lake (not very exciting) and then the beautiful (Lower) Golden Trout Lake at 1.3 miles. Permits are issued at Inyo National Forest visitor centers. Trail travels northerly to Casa Vieja Meadows then you can travel northwest to Jordan Hot Springs or northeast to Templeton and Tunnel Meadows. Yes the lakes are beautiful but again very hard trail that needs physical fitness and good prep. It is located 40 miles (64 km) east of Porterville, California within Inyo National Forest and Sequoia National Forest. Golden Trout Lake Loop is a 8.2 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Independence, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Inyo National Forest California golden trout are native to two stream systems on the eastern side of the Kern River: Golden Trout Creek and the South Fork Kern River (Tulare County). Along the Golden Trout lakes Trail, all food, trash and scented items must be stored in bear-proof containers, or counter balanced at least 15 feet above the ground and 10 feet horizontally from a tree trunk. airplane. Hiking. Starting at the trailhead (10,040'), it is a 4.5 mile hike to Cottonwood 1 at 11,008'. They are native to Kern Plateau area but their native populations are strained due to the introduction of invasive species and habitat destruction. By Chase Bartee | May 15, 2019. The trailhead serves double duty as it's the jumping off place for two trails. Historically, there has been a high level of bear activity in the Onion Valley area. Golden Trout Wilderness. I ended up falling down the side of the waterfall, losing the trail and being lost until 9pm when search and rescue came to get me (5 hours later). Foot-long Golden Trout can be spotted flashing their vibrant red scales in the creek. Golden Trout Wilderness is a protected area in California. Then there is the one section of bouldering that is sketchy at best, and outright treacherous if you have a heavy pack and a large dog like we did. Bring all needed supplies including water. Cottonwood Pass Trailhead. Laws, John Muir, The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. Rough roads to the Golden Trout Lakes It was difficult driving up the road to get to the beginning of the trail, so I recommend a vehicle that can handle the rough road; preferably a truck or AWD. The hike in and out feom below is miserable and hazardous, from the upper trail, it might be better. 1 Lassen Trail Lake RT Fingerling Grow-Out Jun 7/10/2018 California Academy of … Per times, dangerous. Jenkins, Exploring the Southern Sierra: East Side. Starting from Onion Valley, Golden Trout Lakes Trail ends at Golden Trout Lakes, in the John Muir Wilderness. Onion Valley is about 15 miles west of in downtown Independence, at an elevation of about 9,600 feet. Ward Lake is a natural High Sierra lake that sits in a beautifully sculpted granite grotto 3.6 miles east of the junction. At the trailhead, all food, trash and scented items must be removed from vehicles and placed in the bear proof lockers and trash cans that are located in parking areas. Vault toilet at trailhead. The road is usually open from May to November, depending on snow conditions. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, this is a serious trail. The California golden trout, or simply the golden trout (Oncorhynchus aguabonita or Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita), is a species of trout native to California.The golden trout is normally found in the Golden Trout Creek (tributary to the Kern River), Volcano Creek (tributary to Golden Trout Creek), and the South Fork Kern River.It is the state freshwater fish of California. For my wife Aimee and I, it’s always been a vehicle; a vehicle to adventure and explore places we’d never dreamed possible. California’s state fish, the California golden trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita) is native to only two creeks draining the Kern Plateau but has been distributed throughout many of … The lower route is followed by looking for the rocks with smaller rocks filled in the gaps to aid traversing. Permits may be reserved up to 6 months in advance. Starting from the end of Horseshoe Meadows Road,the trail over Cottonwood Pass goes to the northern portion of the Golden Trout Wilderness . Golden Trout Lakes Trail. The first 5 are within an easy walk of each other from the Cottonwood Trail where the 6th lake is a more strenuous climb to 11,600'. From the trailhead, you almost immediately enter the Golden Trout Wilderness. The distance to the lakes is approximately 2.2 miles, and the elevation gain is approximately 2,200 feet. Please Leave No Trace, bury human waste away from water sources. STL- Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 10. Starts off like most trailheads and at .7 mile disintegrates into a loose dirt hill that is long hot and steep. This trail is barely defined and straight up incline with precarious terrain. Golden Lake consists of Golden Trout. Golden Trout Creek is a designated Heritage and Wild Trout Water. This is a moderate one way trail in Inyo National Forest. Neither trail is terribly difficult. Life on the Fly: On the Trail of the California Golden Trout. Whitney via Kearsarge Pass and John Muir Trails, Mount Rixford from Onion Valley Campground. As the name implies, this area is home to the Golden Trout, a subspecies of the Rainbow Trout that is native to California. Primrose Lake Hike up the rocky slope alongside the drainage coming down from Primrose Lake. Angler’s Take (catchable, super catchable and trophy) - fish are planted with intent ... California Department of Fish and Wildlife Provisional Fish Releases - 2019/2020 ... Reg. South Fork Kern River. Then there is a trail but it is thin and meandering. Wilderness permits are required for overnight trips. Beautiful area with very few other people. These fish are a prized catch for their golden skin and appearance and the fact that they are found only in such a small area. Cottonwood Lakes Loop starts from Horseshoe Meadow and travels from the Golden Trout Wilderness into John Muir Wilderness. Should be rated extremely hard! Alltrails kept us on track most of the time. The back country enthusiasts will appreciate that Quail Meadows and the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails are but a gentle one-mile walk from the dock at the back of the lake. A friend and I did this home last week and were separated. The South Fork Kern River is a designated Wild Trout Water. While the view at the top was pretty, the other trail nextdoor is much more defined with wayyyyyyy prettier views and water to play in. It is about 400 feet higher than Honeymoon at a 10,850 foot elevation. Horseback riding is permitted on designated trails. The route is straightforward, however, across a grassy meadow dotted with small boulders, beside the lake's exit stream then down a slope, as trees start to reappear. Hard. Never made it to the lakes. Isaac’s trout measured 14-7/8 inches and weighed 1 pound, 2.88 ounces, a lunker by golden trout standards. The road runs right beside it, it has campgrounds and a trail around the lake and is stocked with trout regularly during the summer months so it’s always good fishing. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because of the views, but those views can be seen from the Kearsage pass trail which is so much nicer. Starting from Onion Valley, Golden Trout Lakes Trail ends at Golden Trout Lakes, in the John Muir Wilderness. The meadows is the next section which we tried to stay of the vegetation. All waters on the Kern Plateau are open to angling, although many are accessible only by trail since both watersheds are largely encompassed within the Golden Trout Wilderness. Has anyone does this trail this year. From the west, various roads stem from Hwy 190 near Giant Sequoia National Monument. Golden Trout Lake is just below, supposedly reached by a trail that ends by its eastern edge, though this is barely discernible, especially early in the season when patches of snow remain. In our area you will find the following species of trout: German Browns, Eastern Brook, Rainbow and Golden Trout. The Pacific Crest Trail junction at Cottonwood Pass gives the option to go to the southeastern portion … Small streams meander through tree-rimmed meadows in this wilderness area named for California's state fish, the Golden Trout. May 1 to November 1: Overnight use is limited to 10 people per day. Suite 200 The primary decisions on backpacking destinations are centered on fishing for Golden Trout.The Golden Trout is the California State Fish. This trail is steep, rugged and difficult to follow. Fishing can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Suggested Tackle and Gear. Worst trail ever, if it even is a trail. Steep uphill the whole way to the lakes but trail was much better than expected and in places where it disappeared it was clear which way to go. With a full pack and a new trail dog, the 3.1 miles up took 5.5 hours including breaks and lunch for us 50 somethings but should be faster if you are younger and pack lighter. This trail is steep, rugged and difficult to follow. ... Golden Trout Wilderness, South Golden Trout Wilderness, South Golden Trout Wilderness, West ... Inyo National Forest 351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100 Bishop, CA 93514 760-873-2400 Links. The lunker was a hookjaw male that shattered the old lake rainbow trout record by 3 pounds, 6 ounces. the lake FULL of stunted Brook trout, the Golden Trout may have all died out due to someone planting these brookies into the lake, probably an air drop by a lost fish and game dept. The Golden Trout Wilderness is a federally designated wilderness area in the Sierra Nevada, in Tulare County and Inyo County, California. Golden Trout Lake Loop, Independence: Address, Golden Trout Lake Loop Review: 4/5 You’d probably like it, even though it’s really hard, steep, sometimes not so clear. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Swedo, Suzanne, Hiking California’s Golden Trout Wilderness. The pass is reached via a 3.5-mile one way trail from Horseshoe Meadow, which has an elevation of 10,000 feet, making this is one of the easiest passes for hikers to reach in the Eastern Sierra. Overall very rocky trail. Was afraid I'd break a leg or worse. EXTREMELY HARD! moderate (239) Length: 16.1 mi • Est. Cottonwood Lake #1 via South Fork Cottonwood Creek Trail and Cottonwood Lakes Trail A short branch trail goes to the north side of the lake. All food, trash and scented items must be stored in. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and fishing and is best used from April until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Trying to see how the snow is thinking about doing it this weekend, beautiful place, little traffic, hard climb up, Junction Meadow Via Kearsarge Pass and Bubbs Creek Trails, Manzanar Japanese Relocation Site: Manzanar Trail, Onion Valley, Kearsarge Pass, Forrester Pass, Shepherds Pass Backpacking Trip, Onion Valley Campground to Rae Lakes via Kearsarge Pass, Kearsarge Pass Trail to John Muir Trail Loop, Onion Valley to Mt. There is a higher route along the cliff base which can be walked through mostly but one section of slightly exposed crux that is much easier if there are 2 or more in your party. The fish measured 32.5 inches in length and … I am close to 60, in good shape and an experienced hiker and hated this. Maybe for someone younger and/or more adventurous this would be more fun. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and fishing and is best used from April until September. As I unzipped our tent door and felt the crisp, thin air of our 9,300-foot-high campsite rush into my lungs, … And calling it a trail is generous, it was more of a mountaineering route. Scratched our heads on several occasions to try to find the trail. Golden Lake: From Honeymoon Lake, you can travel off-trail about 1/3 mile to Golden Lake. Extending from the western foothills all the way to the eastern high desert, the Golden Trout Wilderness can be reached from both sides of the Sierra Nevada range. I highly recommend wearing sturdy shoes, sunscreen, GPS, eyes and brains :). This trail has spectacular views but also some challenging terrain and very thin trails that disappear and reappear quickly. Perfect for distancing. GT- Golden Trout- (Oncorhynchus aguabonita) 9. Golden Trout Wilderness. An older but still useful reference that is no longer in print. Golden trout are native only to the Upper Kern River basin in California… A fit hiker can probably make it to either destination in an hour or so. ... Golden Trout from Golden Trout Creek were introduced to the headwaters of Mulkey Creek in 1872 by Samuel Mulkey. For more information about traveling in bear bear country, click here... Inyo National Forest Wilderness Food Storage Requirements, Forest Service Home | | | Recreation Customer Service Standards | |, Plug-Ins | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Important Notices | Information Quality,, Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center, Wilderness permits may be reserved up to 6 months in advance at. The distance to the lakes is approximately 2.2 miles, and the elevation gain is approximately 2,200 feet. After the branch, the Golden Trout Trail climbs up a knoll where there are remarkable views of the surrounding mountains. Huge risky rocks to scramble through and multiple steep inclines. From the east, most visitors approach from Hwy 395 near Lone Pine. The last section is steep but better marked to lake one. past the waterfall it gets steep again but manageable. Not very well marked, very steep, significant sections of scrambling over boulder fields and sandy/rocky scree. Golden Trout Lake Loop is a 5.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Independence, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Further on there are a few patches of snow, amazing peaks, and long views to the east toward the Owens Valley, which was full of smoke from a fire near Mammoth. Below the shimmering surface of the crystal-clear depths lay pure California gold. At an elevation of 11,200 feet, Cottonwood Pass serves as a gateway to the Golden Trout Wilderness and Sequoia National Park. One accesses Windy Pass (a nice hike in it's own right), the other heads off to the Golden Trout Lakes. From May 1 to November 1, use is limited to 10 overnight visitors / day. Wet, freezing, bruised, bloody and shaken, S&R stated this trail is not safe and definitely one of the hardest trails to navigate. Wilderness Press. 7 h 28 m. Please note that the gate leading to this trailhead is currently closed (06/04/2020). Inyo National Forest Trailheads Trails lead into the Golden Trout Wilderness, Inyo National Forest portion from Hwy 395 … Bishop, CA 93514. Amazing surreal lakes. This area is said to have some of the best fishing in the region, and even passersby can … Backpacked with my kids (9 & 11) and wife to the upper lakes and had a great time. Download area map for trail names.

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