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Upgrade to Prime and access all answers at a … 5. 1 Dual power supply +/- 15V 1 2 Function generator (0- 1MHz) 1 3 Oscilloscope 1 4 Bread board 1 5 IC 741C 1 6 Probes and connecting wires As required. endobj (EEE) Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering BRCM College of Engineering &Technology Bahal-127028 (Bhiwani). Total Page 87 . 2. 4. 1. Connect the circuit diagram as shown in Figure 1. Losses of each transformer = (W 1 … OBJECTIVES: EE8311 Syllabus Electrical Machines Laboratory 1 To expose the students to the operation of D.C. machines and transformers and give them experimental skill. 3. List of Experiments in AC machines Laboratory S.No Name of Experiments Page No. SAFETY Electric Machines –by I.J.Nagrath & D.P.Kothari,Tata Mc Graw Hill, 7th Edition.2005 4. O.C and S.C test on single phase transformer (predetermination of efficiency and regulation at given power factor. 1 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department BRCM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY BAHAL – 127028 ( Distt. 10. Uploaded 3 years ago . Gradually increase the supply voltage in steps. In the early days of electronics, most ... or consult an equipment or transistor manual to ensure that an identical replacement or substitute is used. 9 3 REGULATION OF ALTERNATOR BY EMF AND MMF METHODS at the end of the session. Vary the regulated supply. stream ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABII MANUAL Page |1 AMMINI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PALAKKAD. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here! Electrical Machines Laboratory 1 Syllabus EE8311 pdf free download. PROCEDURE: 1. Electrical Machines Manual Solution Genon Author: colegiotecnicobenjaminherrera.edu.co-2021-01-13T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Electrical Machines Manual Solution Genon Keywords: electrical, machines, manual, solution, genon Created Date: 1/13/2021 2:30:19 PM (Electricity is a good servant but a bad master). To verify KCL and KVL 2. Lab Manuals for Electrical Machine 1 - EM1 By NIhar Ranjan Rout, Determination Of Critical Resistance Critical Speed From No Load Test Of A Dc Shunt Generator, Plotting Of External And Internal Characteristics Of A Dc Shunt Generator, Speed Control Of Dc Shunt Motor By Armature Voltage Control And Flux Control Method, Determination Of Efficiency Of Dc Machine By Swinburnes Test And Brake Test, Determination Of Efficiency Of Dc Machine By Hopkinsons Test, Determination Of Efficiency And Voltage Regulation By Open Circuit And Short Circuit Test On Single Phase Transformer, Polarity Test And Parallel Operation Of Two Single Phase Transformers, Back To Back Test On Two Single Phase Transformers, Determination Of Parameters Of Three Phase Induction Motor From No Load Test And Blocked Rotor Test, Determination Of Efficiency Plotting Of Torque Slip Characterstics Of 3 Sqairil Cage Induction Motor. The ratio of Xq / Xd for the cylindrical rotor machine is around 0.95 this generally taken as one and for salient pole m/c this ratio is 0.66 to 0.7. Connections are made as per the circuit diagram. 6. EXPERIMENT No. THEORY: The resistor's function is to reduce the flow of electric current. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. @�0nnI. The readings can not be taken at higher armature current to avoid synchronization. 1 Each 1 3 1 As required THEORY: (i) kirchoff’s voltage law The algebraic sum of the voltage around any closed path is zero. This item: Lab Manual for Lobsiger's Electrical Control for Machines, 7th by Diane Lobsiger Paperback $41.95 Only 6 left in stock (more on the way). USHA RAMA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY EM-II LAB MANUALOBSERVATIONS: S. NO. The system requires a three-phase supply, 5 wire, 220/380 V, 50 Hz (or according to local voltages). <> Measure the voltage using voltmeter. Vortex flowmeterElectromagnetic Flowmeter. �! This manual covers information on components The Graph is plotted between voltage on x-axis and current on y-axis. Uploaded 3 years ago . Each electrical machine test bench is normally intended for 3 to 4 students groups, but can be easily handled by two. Power to the machines will be put off 10 minutes before the end of laboratory session to allow the students to return the tools. 1 LOAD TEST ON 3-PHASE SQUIRREL CAGE INDUCTION MOTOR 3 2 NO LOAD AND BLOCKED ROTOR TEST ON SLIP RING INDUCTION MOTOR. Lab supplies the components needed to build the circuits inside of the workbooks, and additional components will be supplied by an instructor. To measure single phase power by using three ammeter method. Laboratory … EE6411- ELECTRICAL MACHINES I 2 VVIT – DEPARTMENT OF EEE ANNA UNIVERSITY-CHENNAI 2013 -REGULATION EE6411 -ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY ... readings S1~ S2 Kg Speed N rpm Torque T … Note down the readings of V 1,V 2, I 1, I 2, W 1, and W 2 and enter them in a tabular column. �*:���N'�3�c��X��%,��RO�>��!�;�����_�MZAS�����MP�c�0 �\�P}G$�+��-�JS#�!�\�W�! 3. : 2 Date: AIM: To Identify resistors, capacitors using Different codes. Electrical Simulation Lab Manual EEE Lendi Institute Of Engineering and Technology Page 6 of 55 MODEL GRAPH: SERIES RLC CIRCUIT WITH STEP INPUT SERIES RLC CIRCUIT WITH SQUARE INPUT SERIES RLC CIRCUIT WITH SINUSOIDAL INPUT Time 0s 100us 200us 300us 400us 500us 600us 700us 800us V(3) V(6) V(9) 0V 0.5V 1.0V 1.5V Time u universal leaflning padmasri dr b. v.raju institute of technology vishnupur, narsapur, medak (dist. Topics. Determination Of Critical Resistance Critical Speed From No Load Test Of A Dc Shunt Generator. 8. Tech. Input power (P i) = V L x I L watts Where V L – line voltage in Volts I (a) To study different types of resistors and coding. 5 NO LOAD TESTS ON A DC SHUNT MOTOR Name_ ID No._ Sec.No _ Batch No._ Marks 1 = √2 R the emf generated in conductor 7 is maximum (conductor 7 is cutting maximum lines of flux from S pole) the polarity of emf in conductor 7 will be opposite to that in conductor 1, = √, opposite to E 1 similarly the emfs generated in conductors 2, 3, 5, 6 and in conductor 8 to 12 Electrical Machines Lab Manual Free Author: thearmenianpalace.com-2021-01-17T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Electrical Machines Lab Manual Free Keywords: electrical, machines, lab, manual, free Created Date: 1/17/2021 6:26:07 AM endobj CIRCUIT DIAGRAM - LOAD TEST ON DC SHUNT MOTOR Figure 1.1 - Load Test on DC Shunt Motor . (EEE), M. Tech. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. ... reading of voltmeter, wattmeter and ammeter. %PDF-1.5 3 0 obj Check your connections before switch on the supply. 11. 5. 230 V, z P N A 0-25 amp Variac P 0% Wattmeter To study the V-I characteristics of an incandescent lamp. View Electrical Machines-LAB-Manual-2017_18-sem1_cycle_2.pdf from EEE F211 at BITS Pilani Goa. Electricity NEVER EXECUSES careless persons. LAB MANUAL EE6411 ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY - I . 3. BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 1. EE6411- ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY I LAB MANUAL. This manual has been created to help students learn about the RadioShack Electronics Learning Lab and the basics of Electrical Engineering. 1 LABORATORY MANUAL Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments EE-209-F (3rd Semester) Prepared By: PRIYAJIT DASH(A.P) B. Apply the voltage (say 5v) and note the voltmeter readings. �oyT8I��(,I�O[K�����V˺|�����J)@��|A�lz�ٔ�����'w�@D�,�M�^��Yl�i,#�A��:"�;$��z�� գ��,����Y��1�8��`8q�a����>f�hR�t����������nj&��@Gr����lt <> <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Read Book Electrical Machines Lab I Manual Electrical Machines Lab I Manual This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this electrical machines lab i manual by online. Total Page 63 . 4. Switch ON the supply to RPS. experimental components for each type of machine. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department 3. Section A: Electrical Engineering: 1. x��XmO�H����O�}�l���SU)�@9��R�� This symbol is used to indicate a resistor in a circuit diagram. LABORATORY PRACTICE SAFETY RULES 1. Ex. 7. Swimburne's test on D.C. Shunt machine (predetermination of efficiency of a given D.C. shunt machine working as motor and generator). 4 0 obj Electric Drives Laboratory USER MANUAL Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ... 1.4 LAB REPORT AND READING ASSIGNMENT ... (A1B1C1 and A2B2C2) from a constant DC voltage source (see Fig 1 in Appendix). LAB MANUAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS LAB Dept. 3. SAFETY is of extreme importance in the Electrical Engineering Laboratories. %���� 6. Hence two machines can be controlled independently for independent control of variables, at the same time. machine lab manual 1. electrical machnies lab -ii department of electrical and electronics engineering academic year 2012-2013 iii b. tech eee i-semester v l s h i~'. W 1 = 2P c, W 2 = 2P sc. Laboratory Manual for Electrical Machines (2 nd) edition includes four new experiments in electrical machines so that it can cater to the complete syllabus of undergraduate laboratory courses of electrical machines.This book gives the basic information to the students with the machine phenomenon, working principles and testing methods, etc. Students are required to clear off the chips from the machine and lubricate the guides etc. 2. Electrical machines 2 lab manual 1. 1 Basic Electronics Lab (P242) Manual 2015-16 Dept. 2 comments: Unknow 18 April 2020 at 08:41. endobj 9. LIST OF EXPERIMENTS EE8311 Syllabus Electrical Machines Laboratory 1. 3. Keep the variac at zero position and switch of supply. 1 0 obj EM-1-Lab Manual.pdf (21 mb) ... Labels: 4th semester Lab manual, Electrical Machines - I, Electrical Machines - I Lab, semester 4. Principle: A voltage follower (also called a unity-gain amplifier or buffer amplifier or isolation amplifier) is an op-amp circuit which has a voltage gain of 1. Note the readings of voltmeters. 1.4 PROCEDURE: To Verify KVL 1. The readings of voltage and current are tabulated. So, practice with enough care and attention in handling electrical equipment and follow safety practices in the laboratory. 2. of Physics National Institute of Science Education and Research ... provide the needed electrical connections. Text books – Electrical Machines II Notes – EM II notes pdf – EM II pdf notes – EM II Pdf – EM II Notes. 1. ... Tabulate the readings as shown. No: ... 1, S 2 – Spring balance readings in kg R – Radius of brake drum in m 2. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING 13 14. You might not require more grow old to spend to go to the books commencement as with … 2 0 obj EEW LAB MANUAL SVBIT/EC/EEW LAB MANUAL Page 7 EXPERIMENT NO. <>>> 2. &D��>U���Yۉ��z�J(ޝٙyfv^v8Z狛�,'��Gy>��f��r8^��������!~���i�X-�_������j�g��x��/vw��0FI.nvwI�?#�4��qd�_�?��$d�l�u��s��;��swg��1"�4Ik�\F�F����g�A*"��dr�G�H��D[I��X*R�U���ݝ�#K ~B`N���IRZ�sj� _� Electromechanics-II (transformers and induction motors) S. Kamakashaiah Hitech publishers.

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