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Houston. Kidde Fenwal. We strive to be recognized as the best and most efficient provider of Fire Protection Products and providing end to end solution for installations, testing and maintenance services in Singapore. This clean agent is very safe for occupied spaces and non-toxic when used in accordance with (NFPA Standard 2001). For current distributors, contact your company admin for access to portal. We are the main distributor of KIDDE FENWAL INC and FIREPRO Products in Singapore. Kidde (/ ˈ k ɪ d ə /) is a brand and division of Carrier Global.It is a group of businesses that manufactures and distributes fire detection and suppression equipment, as well as smoke and CO alarm units. Specialises in Fixed Fire Detection Systems. Den Helder. Since 1917, Kidde Fire Systems has been a global leader in fire protection, protecting people, property, and processes from fire hazards. Fenwal Controls recently helped Blossman Gas & Appliance create an innovative window-sized furnace by adapting the 35-67 series control. Part Number:35303-32 . Info about Christopher Paradise, Andrea M Quercia and six other persons associated with the businesses registered at this address. The unique SmartOne detectors provide true distributed intelligence by storing and analyzing calibration data and pre-alarm and alarm values. Our global network of "Kidde Authorized" Fire Protection Distributors possess the knowledge and qualifications required to be known as "professionals" in the fire protection industry. Singapore. The Kidde High Pressure (HP) Carbon Dioxide Suppression System was designed to provide complete fire protection for a wide range of challenging applications from printing presses and generator enclosures to dip tanks and commercial fryers. ˝ ˛ ˙ ˝ ˝ ˙ # ˙ "! These engineered systems that are employing Novec 1230 fluid are typically installed in: South Korea. Corpus Christi. Want to go back to the older version of Search. Present in Port. 35303-8AeroShop KIDDE FENWAL SAFETY SYSTEMS. 35518-50-310AeroShop KIDDE FENWAL SAFETY SYSTEMS. Our fire protection solutions include conventional & intelligent detection and control systems which complement a complete line of fire suppression systems. Special Hazard Fire Suppression Best Practices: Kidde 500 psi Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Kidde FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Kidde Fenwal Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression, FireFlex Dual Novec 1230 Clean Agent & Pre-Action Sprinkler, FireFlex Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Sevo Systems Modular Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Minimax MX 1230 725 psi Clean Agent Fire Suppression, CeaseFire Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression, EXXFire Nitrogen Server Cabinet Fire Suppression, Minimax OneU Novec 1230 Server Rack Fire Suppression, Minimax Novec 1230 Small Space Fire Suppression. Kidde Fire Systems protects people and property with diverse, industry-leading fire protection technologies for commercial, industrial, residential, marine and vehicle applications. South Korea. Norway. Baltimore. Lavastica International B.V. a. The Kidde HP CO 2 system delivers clean, dependable suppression in seconds, greatly We are the main distributor of KIDDE FENWAL INC and FIREPRO Products in Singapore. These systems offer the most versatile clean agent suppression systems available for any business, big or small. Kidde-Fenwal manufactures fire protection systems and is owned by the Carrier company. Are you interested in specifying Kidde Fire Systems products? Company is a distributor and representative of products Kidde-Fenwal, INC. (USA) - Guardfire (Singapore & ThaiLand) - CHUBB (Singapore) - CHEMGUARD INC. Share. Present in Port. KIDDE FENWAL is a leading US manufacturer of fire detection, control and suppression system and equipment such as FM200, Novec 1230, Argonite, CO 2, kitchen wet chemical and others. Kidde is the world's leading manufacturer of fire safety products for industry leaders, and firefighters, as well as consumers (residential and commercial smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and other life safety products). The Kidde Carbon Dioxide C02 Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. "TO BRING FAMILY HOME SAFELY" Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. manufactures fire protection and ignition/temperature control products through our three brands Kidde Fire Systems, Fenwal Controls and Marioff North America. Marine suppliers of Kidde-Fenwal in Singapore. Want to go back to the older version of Search? It is one of the newest clean agents in Halon alternatives. The Kidde WHDR Wet Chemical System offers 24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas; ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surfaces. Making The World A Safer Place. Part Number:35303-8 . For expert product knowledge and customer support, search below to find a trusted Fenwal distributor in your region. This product is also known as the Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) which was made mandatory to be installed in … At Kidde China, we will help you identify the right product or system for your needs. Kidde residential products are available in following area(s): Rotterdam. Control Fire Systems Sign up as a Guest and receive access to: Data Sheets; Installation and Maintenance Manuals; Technical Documentation; Click here to fill out our guest registration form. Kidde Fire Systems. Dräger Marine & Offshore - Fire Fighting, Rescue & Safety Equipment Kidde Fire Safety North America is headquartered in Mebane, NC. Email. Brand Products . We strive to be recognized as the best and most efficient provider of Fire Protection Products and providing end to end solution for installations, testing and maintenance services in Singapore. Each detector head continuously makes on-location decisions and reports status to the fire suppression system’s control units. Our family of special hazard fire protection brands has united. Aberdeen. installation and maintenance of our products. 35303-32AeroShop KIDDE FENWAL SAFETY SYSTEMS. Federal Fire Engineering Pte Ltd is a specialist in fire protection business. Click here. Please complete the form below with details of your application and we will respond promptly. About Kidde China. Our resident sales staffs are specialists on a wide range of product and system offerings, including FM-200, CO2, NOVEC 1230, Argonite, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD), Linear Heat Detection, fire detection systems and equipment, Foam, HI-FOG water mist,and much much more. Continue Reading Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. New York. VIKING Life-Saving Equipment (America) Inc. VIKING is a world-leading manufacturer and provider of safety equipment for vessels, boats, rigs and platforms. Battery Operated, Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Our Smoke Detector is meant to detect thick smoke. Global Network fo. Kidde Fire Fighting, Inc, Fenwal International ,incorporated and other eight businesses listed there. $ ˝ ˚ ˝˝ ˛ "! KIDDE FENWAL SAFETY SYSTEMS . “We are happy to have a partner like Fenwal Controls for the WarmFront Heater and are excited about introducing the product to consumers later this year,” said Jake Weidie, Project Manager, WarmFront. ˆ ˘˙˙ ˆ ˝˝ ˛ ˝ = ˙ $ ˝ : #˝ ˝ ˝˝ ˛ ˙ ! Fenwal, Incorporated, Fenwal Credit Union, Kidde Fenwal, Inc were linked to the address via UCC Fillings New Orleans. CONTACT . For low-volume production, aftermarket and service parts, Fenwal Control's global network of authorized distributors are available to assist with all your needs. THE SAFETY is the Only Authorized Global Genuine Part Distributor and the Soft Service / Training and the After Service Provider of NK Company and Affiliates. Lavastica International has been a supplier of technical systems and spare parts to the maritime, offshore and industrial markets since 1998. Get Price. Want to go back to the older version of Search? There are 3064 companies in the Kidde-Fenwal… Click here. People trust us to protect them because we are experts in our field. The Kidde AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector is a two-component heat detection system.comprising of the LHD4 interface module and heat sensor cable. We strive to be recognized as the best and most efficient provider of Fire Protection Products and providing end to end solution for installations, testing and maintenance services in Singapore. Kidde Fenwal FM-200 fire suppression systems are environmentally-friendly and a Halon 1301 alternative. Our organisation is completely dedicated to support our customers with premium services and quality product supply in the field of Firefighting, Rescue and Safe, THE SAFETY We also hold the master distributorship of FIREPRO aerosol fire suppression products in Singapore. Kidde Fenwal Novec 1230 engineered fire suppression system, is designed to use 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid. The Kidde® Addressable Manual Pull Stations is an intelligent initiating device that contains its own SmartOne™ Addressable Input (AI) module and interfaces directly to the Kidde PEGAsys™ and ARIES™ control panels. Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. is located in Ashland, MA, United States and is part of the Security Products Manufacturing Industry. ˙ ˙ ˆ ˛> Federal Fire Engineering Pte Ltd is a specialist in fire protection business. We can also offer high qualified technical support and repair for your installations. Products Catalog, Fire Suppression Clean Agent Cylinder Refilling. Singapore. Brand: Kidde-Fenwal (Certified Genuine/Original Spares) Verified Recently Supplied: ... co system kidde fenwal *kidde fire protection ... kiddie/ fenwal remote pull box ..... x mfg: kidde- fenwal ... Singapore . All authorized Kidde Fire Systems Distributors are factory-certified in the design. Get Price. $ ˝ ˙ ! We are the main distributor of KIDDE FENWAL INC and FIREPRO Products in Singapore. ˙ ˝ ˝ ˙ # ! System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Part Number:35518-50-310 . The wet chemical agent is designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression. ELEMENT . Durban. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement. Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. has 650 total employees across all of its locations and generates $162.97 million in sales (USD). That trust is reinforced by the quality we instil in everything we do – … Kidde is one of America's largest manufacturer of smoke alarms and fire safety products. Denmark. It has distinct environmental benefits over any other active Halon alternative. Algeciras. Marine suppliers of Kidde-Fenwal. Thus, it is not highly sensitive to detect cigarette smoke.

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