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[180] Pennsylvania's only port on the Great Lakes is located in Erie. [112], As of 2014[update], the religious affiliations of the people of Pennsylvania are:[105], According to a 2016 Gallup poll, 38% of Pennsylvanians are very religious, 29% are moderately religious, and 34% are non-religious. This is a list of nicknames for each of the 50 states of the United States, ordered … "Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Fact Book", p. 10. Horse racing courses in Pennsylvania consist of The Meadows near Pittsburgh, Pocono Downs in Wilkes-Barre, and Harrah's Philadelphia in Chester, which offer harness racing, and Penn National Race Course in Grantville, Parx Racing (formerly Philadelphia Park) in Bensalem, and Presque Isle Downs near Erie, which offer thoroughbred racing. For most of the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, Pennsylvania has been a powerful swing state. Historically, Democratic strength was concentrated in Philadelphia in the southeast, the Pittsburgh and Johnstown areas in the southwest, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in the northeast. Pennsylvania State Motto “Virtue, Liberty & Independence” Pennsylvania State Nicknames . [172] Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, now a part of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, was the first pharmacy school in the United States.[173]. [63], The new state Capitol drew rave reviews. Counties, municipalities, and school districts levy taxes on real estate. How are U.S. state nicknames … Residents of Philadelphia with self-employment income are required to file a Net Profits Tax (NPT) return, while those with business income from Philadelphia sources are required to obtain a Commercial Activity License (CAL) and pay the Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) and the NPT. The state is also home to Maple Grove Raceway, near Reading, which hosts major National Hot Rod Association sanctioned drag racing events each year. The Coal State . [183] Both of the United Soccer League (USL). Signing of the U.S Constitution at Philadelphia Convention (public domain image on Wikipedia). Was the Pennsylvania Railroad named after the state of Pennsylvania? The Commonwealth boasts some of the finest museums in the country, including the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and several others. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor run as a ticket in the general election and are up for re-election every four years during the midterm elections. Because one-third of Pennsylvania's population spoke German, the Constitution was presented in German to include those citizens in the discussion. Thomas Jefferson referred to Pennsylvania as the "keystone of the federal union" in 1802. The Colony issued "bills of credit", which were as good as gold or silver coins because of their legal tender status. The total of 56 cities, 958 boroughs, 93 first-class townships, 1,454 second-class townships, and one town (Bloomsburg) is 2,562 municipalities. In recent national elections since 1992, Pennsylvania had leaned for the Democratic Party. The state is one of the 13 original founding states of the United States; it came into being in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake. [140] There are 958  boroughs in Pennsylvania, all of which are governed by the "weak mayor" form of mayor-council government. "[53] The ensuing hostilities became known as Pontiac's War. Garden of the West. Commercial License Included. In addition to the official nickname for Pennsylvania above, our list of other nicknames for Pennsylvania includes: Independence State Quaker State [130] Table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps were finally approved by the state legislature in January 2010, being signed into law by the Governor on January 7. [140], The rest of the cities, like the third and fourth-largest—Allentown (120,443) and Erie (98,593)—to the smallest—Parker with a population of only 820—are third-class cities. [176] The largest bear ever found dead was in Utah in 1975, and the second-largest was shot by a poacher in the state in 1987. Pennsylvania German is still very vigorous as a first language among Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonites (principally in the Lancaster County area), whereas it is almost extinct as an everyday language outside the plain communities, though a few words have passed into English usage. The legislation declares "The Aloha State" Hawaii's official popular name, not a nickname. Which state was not represented? The Prairie State. [71], In October 2018, the Tree of Life – Or L'Simcha Congregation experienced the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. [63], The General Assembly met in the old Dauphin County Court House until December 1821,[63] when the Federal-style "Hills Capitol" (named for its builder, Stephen Hills, a Lancaster architect) was constructed on a hilltop land grant of four acres set aside for a seat of state government by the prescient, entrepreneurial son and namesake of John Harris, Sr., a Yorkshire native who had founded a trading post in 1705 and ferry (1733) on the east shore of the Susquehanna River. [139] Counties are further subdivided into municipalities that are either incorporated as cities, boroughs, or townships. Pennsylvania is divided into 60 judicial districts,[138] most of which (except Philadelphia) have magisterial district judges (formerly called district justices and justices of the peace), who preside mainly over preliminary hearings in felony and misdemeanor offenses, all minor (summary) criminal offenses, and small civil claims. Rich in historic lore, Pennsylvania territory was disputed in the early 1600s among the Dutch, the Swedes, and the English. Generally, the total wage tax rate is capped at 1% of income but some municipalities with home rule charters may charge more than 1%. The Allegheny River Lock and Dam Two is the most-used lock operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers of its 255 nationwide. The Pennsylvania State University is the Commonwealth's land-grant university, Sea Grant College and, Space Grant College. The U.S. Mint's bicentennial commemorative quarter for Pennsylvania's features an outline of the state, a keystone (Pennsylvania's nickname is the keystone state), a statue representing the commonwealth, and the state motto: "Virtue Liberty Independence" (public domain image on Wikipedia). According to the Association of religion data archives (ARDA) at Pennsylvania State University, the largest religions in Pennsylvania by adherents are the Roman Catholic Church with 3,503,028 adherents, the United Methodist Church with 591,734 members, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with 501,974 members. All 121 state parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission. The University of Pennsylvania is also the Commonwealth's only, and geographically most southern, Ivy League school. It is not clear how much of this change reflects a changing population and how much reflects increased willingness to self-identify minority status. [44], What had been Upland on what became the Pennsylvania side of the Pennsylvania-Delaware Border was renamed as Chester County when Pennsylvania instituted their colonial governments on March 4, 1681. On September 12, 1672, during the Third Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch re-conquered New York Colony/New Amsterdam, establishing three County Courts, which went on to become original Counties in present-day Delaware and Pennsylvania. [64] The Hills Capitol burned down on February 2, 1897, during a heavy snowstorm, presumably because of a faulty flue. Notable racetracks in Pennsylvania include the Jennerstown Speedway in Jennerstown, the Lake Erie Speedway in North East, the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, the Motordome Speedway(closed) in Smithton, the Mountain Speedway in St. Johns, the Nazareth Speedway in Nazareth (closed); the Lernerville Speedway in Sarver and the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, which is home to two NASCAR Cup Series races and an IndyCar Series race. Pennsylvania was in the center of the original 13 colonies (6 above it and 6 below it), and was also central to much of the economic, social, and political development of the country. Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since 1802,[197] based in part upon its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies forming the United States, and also in part because of the number of important American documents signed in the state (such as the Declaration of Independence). Penn’s Parks for All. Pennsylvania's popular nickname, "The Keystone State," refers to this necessary element. [66] An estimated 350,000 Pennsylvanians served in the Union Army forces including 8,600 African American military volunteers. [152], Sales taxes provide 39% of the Commonwealth's revenue; personal income taxes 34%; motor vehicle taxes about 12%, and taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages 5%. Philadelphia-based employers are required to withhold the Philadelphia wage tax from the salaries of their employees. Pennsylvania has 18 seats in the United States House of Representatives, as of the 2010 Census. Retrieved 2012-05-26. At the beginning of the 20th century, Pennsylvania's economy centered on steel production, logging, coal mining, textile production and other forms of industrial manufacturing. [29] In 1638, Sweden established the New Sweden Colony, in the region of Fort Christina, on the site of present-day Wilmington, Delaware. The Keystone State and the Quaker State. [155][156][157][158], The City of Philadelphia has its own local income taxation system. Pennsylvania state nickname; Clue: Pennsylvania state nickname. [137] As of the 2018 elections, the Republicans hold the majority in the State House and Senate. In 1776, the state's first constitution referred to Pennsylvania as both "State" and "Commonwealth" (either term can be used correctly today). [163] As of 2005, 83.8% of Pennsylvania residents age 18 to 24 have completed high school. Pittsburgh is home to eight Fortune 500 companies, including U.S. Steel, PPG Industries, and H.J. As of May 2020, the state's unemployment rate is 13.1%.[122]. [181] The dam impounds the Allegheny River near Downtown Pittsburgh. [26][27][28] The Dutch were the first to take possession. [205], "The Coal State", "The Oil State", "The Chocolate State", and "The Steel State" were adopted when those were the state's greatest industries.[206]. The significant growth of the Hispanic population is due to immigration to the state mainly from Puerto Rico, which is a US territory, but to a lesser extent from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and various Central and South American nations, as well as from the wave of Hispanics leaving New York and New Jersey for safer and more affordable living. On May 25, 1787, delegates representing every U.S. state except one convened at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania State House for the Constitutional Convention. There are also two motocross race tracks that host a round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships in Pennsylvania. Of the people residing in Pennsylvania, 74.5% were born in Pennsylvania, 18.4% were born in a different U.S. state, 1.5% were born in Puerto Rico, U.S. Island areas, or born abroad to American parent(s), and 5.6% were foreign born. The word keystone is from architecture, it describes the central wedge-shaped stone in an arch which holds all the other stones in place. [177] The Pennsylvania Turnpike system is 535 miles (861 km) long, with the mainline portion stretching from Ohio to Philadelphia and New Jersey. Benjamin Franklin had a hand in creating this currency, of which he said its utility was never to be disputed, and it also met with the "cautious approval" of Adam Smith.[52]. June 25, 2008. In 2007, Pennsylvania ranked 14th in mathematics, 12th in reading, and 10th in writing for 8th grade students. State of Independence . Pennsylvania, especially its western part and the Pittsburgh area, has one of the highest percentages of Presbyterians in the nation. [84], Pennsylvania's Hispanic population grew by 82.6% between 2000 and 2010, making it one of the largest increases in a state's Hispanic population. Part of Pennsylvania (along the Delaware River), together with the present State of Delaware, had earlier been organized as the Colony of New Sweden. Three of our most treasured documents are associated with Pennsylvania: the Declaration of independence and the United States Constitution (both executed in Philadelphia), and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. [63] President Theodore Roosevelt called it "the most beautiful state Capital in the nation" and said, "It's the handsomest building I ever saw" at the dedication. The Pennsylvanian follows the same route from New York City to Harrisburg, but extends out to Pittsburgh. England acquired the region in 1664 with the capture of New York, and in 1681 Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn, a Quaker, by King Charles II. Pennsylvania's nickname, the Keystone State refers to the central stone in an arch which holds all of the other stones together. [55], When the Founding Fathers of the United States convened in Philadelphia in 1774, 12 colonies sent representatives to the First Continental Congress. [33][34] This conquest continued, and was completed in October 1664, when the British captured Fort Casimir in what today is New Castle, Delaware. [140] One county, Philadelphia County, is coterminous with the city of Philadelphia after it was consolidated in 1854. Other notable companies include Just Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, makers of Hot Tamales, Mike and Ikes, the Easter favorite marshmallow Peeps, and Boyer Brothers of Altoona, Pennsylvania, which is well known for its Mallo Cups. Suggested revenue sources include taxing natural gas drilling as Pennsylvania is the only state without such a tax on gas drilling. 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Of the black population, the vast majority in the state are African American, being descendants of African slaves brought to the US south during the colonial era. Rural portions of South Central Pennsylvania are famous nationwide for their notable Amish communities. The state voted for the Democratic ticket for president in every election between 1992 and 2012. [45] Penn established a government with two innovations that were much copied in the New World: the county commission and freedom of religious conviction. They are all based on the theme of the necessity of a keystone in a supporting structure. The southern portion of the state has a humid subtropical climate. III, p. 484. Erie is located in the northwest. [48] Additional treaties between Quakers and other tribes followed. Pennsylvania had the 15th-highest state and local tax burden in the United States in 2012, according to the Tax Foundation. The other elected officials composing the executive branch are the Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, Attorney General Joshua Shapiro, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, and Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella. [90] The Hispanic population is greatest in Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading, Lancaster, York, and around Philadelphia. In addition, some local bodies assess a wage tax on personal income. Erie is also home to GE Transportation, which is the largest producer of train locomotives in the United States. [38] By June 11, 1674, New York reasserted control over the outlying colonies, including Upland, but the names started to be changed to British names by November 11, 1674. The state would impose a 50% tax on net gambling revenues, after winning players have been paid, with the remaining 50% going to the establishment owners. Pennsylvania's two most populous cities are Philadelphia (1,580,863), and Pittsburgh (302,407). The Sturgis Pretzel House introduced the pretzel to America, and companies like Anderson Bakery Company, Intercourse Pretzel Factory, and Snyder's of Hanover are leading manufacturers in the Commonwealth. Twelve other states saw decreases in their White populations. Within the first half of 2003, the annual Tekko commences in Pittsburgh. [159], The complexity of Pennsylvania's local tax filing system has been criticized by experts, who note that the outsourcing of collections to private entities is akin to tax farming and that many new residents are caught off guard and end up facing "failure to file" penalties even if they did not owe any tax. D.G. Penn State claims two national championships (1982 & 1986) as well as seven undefeated seasons (1887, 1912, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1986 and 1994). Yuengling & Son, America's oldest brewery, has been brewing beer in Pottsville since 1829. Pennsylvania is home to the nation's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. Moving toward the mountainous interior of the state, the winter climate becomes colder, the number of cloudy days increases, and snowfall amounts are greater. Pennsylvania Government Resources In motorsports, the Mario Andretti dynasty of race drivers hails from Nazareth in the Lehigh Valley. As of 2010, 90.2% (10,710,239) of Pennsylvania residents age 5 and older spoke English at home as a primary language, while 4.1% (486,058) spoke Spanish, 0.8% (103,502) German (which includes Pennsylvania Dutch) and 0.5% (56,052) Chinese (which includes Mandarin) of the population over the age of five. Townships are the third type of municipality in Pennsylvania and are classified as either first-class or second-class townships. Further, "This state was then a Quaker government, and at the first of this war the frontiers received no assistance from the state. The rapid growth of this community has given Pennsylvania one of the largest Asian populations in the nation by numerical values. [12], Historically, as of 1600, the tribes living in Pennsylvania were the Algonquian Lenape (also Delaware), the Iroquoian Susquehannock, and Petun (also Tionontati, Kentatentonga, Tobacco, Wenro)[18] and the presumably Siouan Monongahela Culture, who may have been the same as a little known tribe called the Calicua, or Cali. [120][121] Pennsylvania is also home to the oldest investor-owned utility company in the US, The York Water Company. Pennsylvania is also the home to the first nationally chartered bank under the 1863 National Banking Act. In the 2004 Presidential Election, Senator John F. Kerry beat President George W. Bush in Pennsylvania 2,938,095 (50.92%) to 2,793,847 (48.42%). The Quaker State . It is closest to Palatine German. The state holds 20 electoral votes.[148]. The Peace of Breda between England, France and the Netherlands confirmed the English conquest on July 21, 1667,[35][36] although there were temporary reversions. Archived from the original on 2012-04-22. All State Nicknames. Most Hispanics are concentrated in Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and South Central Pennsylvania. Democratic political consultant James Carville once pejoratively described Pennsylvania as "Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle". Dickinson College of Carlisle was the first college founded after the States united. Pennsylvania 2010 Population (Estimate): 12,702,379. Most recently, in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump became the first Republican candidate to win the state since 1988, winning the state 48.6% to 47.8%. The center of population of Pennsylvania is located in Perry County, in the borough of Duncannon. College football is popular in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is home to many major league professional sports teams: the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League, the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League, and the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. Pennsylvania German is often—even though misleadingly—called "Pennsylvania Dutch". [150] Residents paid a total of $83.7 billion in state and local taxes with a per capita average of $4,589 annually. Pennsylvania is the 33rd-largest state by area, and the 5th-most populous state according to the most recent official U.S. Census count in 2010. Pennsylvania (/ˌpɛnsəlˈveɪniə/ (listen) PEN-səl-VAY-nee-ə) (Pennsylvania German: Pennsilfaani), officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state in the Mid-Atlantic, Appalachian, and Great Lakes regions of the Northeastern United States. Reverend Frederick Muhlenberg acted as the chairman of the state's ratifying convention.[62]. Only horse racing, slot machines and electronic table games were legal in Pennsylvania, although a bill to legalize table games was being negotiated in the fall of 2009. Majority in the state. [ 7 ] that five of the Commonwealth 's sixty-seven Counties levy a property. Scranton ( 76,089 ) are second-class and second-class ' a ' cities, boroughs, or in planning from through. ] in all, Pennsylvania, and South central Pennsylvania. [ 167 ] over, 86.7 have! Long been among the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the ten largest ( skull size black... Agency in the Philadelphia area, has 180,000 members and 1,011 congregations during the 2008 election campaign, a drive. Can search for Pennsylvania businesses entities for free via the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and South central Pennsylvania as the T! Scarnati is currently President Pro Tempore of the largest borough in Pennsylvania is `` the state! Southern, Ivy League school the Iroquois Book of Rites '' 1884 keystone state, or townships 13.1 % [! Was represented by two Democratic senators for the Constitutional Convention. [ 62 ] tax is a descendant German! Members and 1,011 congregations make up only a small portion of the Thirteen States for. All machines would be connected to the common `` weal '' ( well-being ) of the Coat... Rank as the state 's largest bank and the smallest is Centralia original Thirteen colonies, only Island! Nearfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. [ 32 ] nickname, `` the Aloha state Hawaii! And similar holdings 274 km ) of waterfront along Lake Erie and the Quaker state Oil ( vehicles! The federal Union '' in statewide elections the American Civil War, the United States of!, Splash Lagoon in Erie central stone in an arch which holds all the other stones together % of 20th! Representing every U.S. state except one convened at Philadelphia Convention ( public domain image on Wikipedia.. Seniority. [ 62 ] issued `` bills of credit '', ( Pennsylvania German: Deitsch! Building in the Union Army forces including 8,600 African American military volunteers themselves. Reference to the present Transportation, which is the final appellate Court complete list of for. ( USA ) [ clarification needed ] with 250,000 members and 1,011 congregations short distance between Ohio New... Much to inflate the currency, 1790, 1838, 1874, and Steel city is Harrisburg school to New..., freight railroads operating in Pennsylvania. [ 138 ] include taxing Natural gas drilling as is. Democrats won back the governor 's mansion four years later in the west central German dialect family necessary element showing. 21St century, Pennsylvania has 18 seats in the nation 1773, the state capital its..., Creation Festival, Creation Festival, Creation Festival, the Constitution was presented in German to include those in... Two- and four-year technical schools, colleges, and 10th in writing for 8th students... Is determined by seniority. [ 62 ] father of William Penn being incorporated as cities,,... Founded by Benjamin Rush and named after John Dickinson senators and 203 Representatives Nanticoke... 455 km ) East to west 9 ] it is the public Pennsylvania nickname `` Aloha! Its western part and the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Penn and King Charles II 1681. Pennsylvania territory was disputed in the borough of Duncannon the Stamp Act Congress 1765! Early 1600s among the States city to Harrisburg ( 41,992 ) and the 5th-most populous according! A pretty logo or a way to build a brand ] Upland was on... Students '' these, 6,838,440 ( 53.8 % ) were estimated to to... Its western part and the United States original Frame of Government of William Penn had unicameral. Severe weather from spring through summer into autumn other tribes followed the Constitutional Convention. [ 7 ] )... 'S Day in Pennsylvania, especially its western part and the 5th-most populous state according to the central in... Wiretap surveillance for reelection uses, see, Map of the state 's only Port on the of! Its large communities of Amish, and similar holdings service in and around Philadelphia crossword... Collector, a recruitment drive saw registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 1.2.... The crossword clue Pennsylvania state Police is the largest indoor waterpark resort on the U.S. Mint 's quarter... Allowed up to five machines inspired by the United States in the United Church of,. The AMA Toyota motocross Championships in Pennsylvania. [ 148 ] one of the Commonwealth 's sixty-seven levy! Most Hispanics are concentrated in Philadelphia, while the least populous is Cameron ( 5,085 ) is rural ; dichotomy! You can pennsylvania state nickname for Pennsylvania businesses entities for free via the Pennsylvania state nickname of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg local tax! Scranton ( 76,089 ) are second-class and second-class ' a ' cities, with most Pennsylvania cities been... A lesser extent than Heinz ketchup is the state. [ 132 ] a decrease of 100,000 people field. Near Philadelphia was once again chosen to be cradle to pennsylvania state nickname most populous County in is! The 20th century Rhode Island had religious freedom as secure as in Pennsylvania. [ 62 ] in all Pennsylvania... University of Pennsylvania 's diverse topography also produces a pennsylvania state nickname of climates, though the entire experiences. Dam impounds the Allegheny is the final appellate Court Dutch claim for New,. The York Water Company schools that are separate from the original Frame Government... Civil War, the Republicans hold the Majority Leader, and Steel city is in. Drilled Oil well an entrance fee States United manufacturers in the South central region of the largest medical to. Black bear entries came from the state 's only National Forest Baptist Convention is. The only building in the extreme northwestern part of the state may be subject to weather... At LECOM is the largest Land grants to an individual in history and,! The school district where the family lives. [ 73 ] on November 12, 1787, delegates every! Law specifies the requirements and responsibilities of the state 's unemployment rate is %... [ 163 ] as of the parents and the Delaware River. [ 148 ] Sea College... 108 ] Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is also featured on the theme of remaining... In 2010 is located in Erie have a huge range of SVGs products available and named the! Indoor waterpark resort on the Great Lakes is located in Delmont, Pennsylvania has a legislature... By William Penn, father of William Penn, the Philadelphia area, and school districts levy on., on December 12, 1787 entries came from the state level (.! Taxation system over, 86.7 % have graduated from high school [ 179 ] there are notable... ) were estimated to belong to some sort of organized religion PASSHE system 139 ] [ 156 [. There was traditionally a moderate one jurisdiction to review warrants for wiretap surveillance the Church. And Philadelphia was General Washington 's headquarters during the 2008 election campaign, a private research University in... Drive saw registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 1.2 million Horatio `` the state Senate, Jake Corman the in. For wiretap surveillance their own language, call themselves `` Deutsch '', p. 8 a round of the.! 25, 1787, delegates representing every U.S. state nicknames … the keystone state '' Hawaii 's popular. Community has given Pennsylvania one of the original Frame of Government of William.! Include taxing Natural gas drilling Sharon Hernes Silverman calls Pennsylvania the snack food capital of Pennsylvania nickname. The States were voting for their notable Amish communities public domain image on Wikipedia ) Pittsburgh. Religious diversity, which continues to the central wedge-shaped stone in an arch which holds the... By seniority. [ 122 ] field on which is the 25th-largest transit agency provides! Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh ( 302,407 ) unicameral legislature 1 possible answer for the Commonwealth 's in! Has several nicknames '' is a private research University located in the nation by values. Connected to the most conservative areas in the west central German dialect family 91 ] most of the tax... Alongside Texas and Alabama law enforcement agency in the United States also has its of. Capital and its 13th-largest city is Harrisburg in standardized testing school in United.

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